Camera Documentation


The Low-Light Analog Camera, Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 w/ Wide Angle Lens, and the Low-Light HD USB Camera are extremely well suited for use in subsea applications. Each can pick up colors and maintain good quality even in very low-light situations.

Analog Camera Specifications

Analog Camera Specification Table

Analog Camera  
Camera PCB Dimensions 38mm x 38mm
Mounting Hole Spacing 33mm x 33mm
Field of View (Horizontal) 128°
Field of View (Vertical) 96°
Resolution 700TVL
Output NTSC or PAL

Analog Camera 2D Drawings

Analog Camera CAD Model


Analog Camera Installation

To Fathom-S

Plug in the camera connector to the Fathom-S making sure that that the yellow wire connects with VID, red with 12V, and black with GND.

Raspberry Pi Camera Specifications

Raspberry Pi Camera Specification Table

Raspberry Pi Camera  
Camera PCB Dimensions 25mm x 23mm
Mounting Hole Spacing (2 holes) 21 mm
Field of View (Horizontal) 110°
Field of View (Vertical) °
Resolution 1080p
Connector Raspberry Pi CSi Connector

Raspberry Pi Camera 2D Drawings

Raspberry Pi Camera CAD Model

Raspberry Pi Camera

Raspberry Pi Camera Installation

There are detailed Raspberry Pi Camera installation instructions on the Raspberry Pi Learning Resources site.

Low-Light HD USB Camera Specifications

Low-Light HD USB Camera Specification Table

Analog Camera  
Camera PCB Dimensions 32mm x 32mm
Mounting Hole Spacing 28mm x 28mm
Field of View (Horizontal) 80°
Field of View (Vertical) 64°
Resolution 1080p
Connector JST-PH to USB

Low-Light HD USB Camera 2D Drawings

Low-Light HD USB Camera CAD Model


Low-Light HD USB Camera Installation

To Raspberry Pi

Plug the camera cable in to the JST-PH connector on the back of the camera, and to any free USB port on the Raspberry Pi. The camera will also show up as a USB webcam on most other computers.