Water Linked Underwater GPS Documentation


The Water Linked Underwater GPS provides global position of an underwater locator device using acoustic positioning and traditional GPS. On the BlueROV2 or other underwater vehicles it is a huge asset that allows position tracking for navigation, inspection, and mapping.

This manual only covers usage of the Underwater GPS with the BlueROV2. For general info and other applications, please visit Water Linked’s website and the official User Manual.

User Manual

Please download the primary User Manual from Water Linked here: Water Linked Underwater GPS Manual.

Integration Kit

For use with the BlueROV2, we highly recommend the Water Linked Underwater GPS / BlueROV2 Integration Kit to get started smoothly.

Please visit the setup manual for the integration kit.

Using with the BlueROV2

The following instructions assume that you have installed and set up the Integration Kit.


Before the first use, you need to install the Analog Locator (A1) on the BlueROV2. The locator will use one of the spare cable penetrations in the back of the BlueROV2 and will connect to the spare green and white twisted pair in the tether.

Here’s our recommended installation instructions.

  1. Loosen the enclosure clip screws at the front of the top enclosure and remove the tube from the ROV.

  2. Using the silver cable penetrator wrench, loosen and remove one of the spare cable penetrators.

  3. Install the Analog Locator (with pre-installed penetrator) into the hole and tighten with the penetrator wrench.

  4. Using the pre-crimped header pin connector on the Analog Locator, connect the locator wires (green/white) to a spare twisted pair of the tether (green/white). If the tether does not have a matching connector, you can a) install one, b) hardwire the connection instead, c) use a terminal block for wire to wire connection (not provided).

  5. Route the locator to the side of the ROV and use the included aluminum mounting bracket to secure to the existing holes on the ROV.

  6. That’s it! Close up the enclosure, vacuum test to ensure a good seal, and you’re ready to dive!

Software Setup

Power on the ROV and Waterlinked system, and connect your computer. Start QGroundControl. Navigate to in your browser, and click the ‘Start Water Linked Driver’ button. This will need to be performed each time the ROV is powered on. If you do not see a webpage at this address, please perform a software update according to the instructions here.

If everything is operating correctly, you should now find an ROV position on the map in QGroundControl. The ROV position is indicated by a BlueROV image. The position of the surface vessel or Water Linked Master Electronics box is indicated by a red arrow (not yet implemented). The small ‘H’ icon indicates the ‘home position’, the location of the ROV’s first GPS lock.

To configure the Water Linked Underwater GPS system, navigate to in your browser. Please refer to the Water Linked Underwater GPS User Manual for further information on configuration.

Software Update

Water Linked’s latest software revision is 1.2.1 (2 October 2017). The update file can be downloaded here. The update process is documented on page 17 of the User Manual. The Underwater GPS system displays its current software version at

Operational Setup

To be completed.

To be completed.