Contribution Tutorial


If you are interested in contributing to the Blue Robotics’ documentation, you can following this tutorial to fork the repository, clone a copy to your computer, make and view changes, and push back to your fork. WTF

Forking the Repository

Visit the main repository on our Github page and click “Fork” at the top right. This is create a copy of the repository in your Github account.

Cloning the Repository

In order to work on the documentation, you’ll need to create a copy on your own computer. You can either use the Github Apps or the command line:

git clone

Make Changes

You can make changes to the documentation files in your favorite text editor. We use Sublime 2.

View Changes

To view the result of changes you’ve made, you can serve the file locally on your computer and view in a browser. First of all, you’ll need Jekyll installed on your computer. Jekyll is used to process the text files and turn them into browser-readable HTML.

To launch Jekyll, enter the follow from inside the documentation directory:

jekyll serve

Jekyll will reprocess the files anytime you change anything, so just leave this running.

You can visit the locally served page at http://localhost:4000/.

Committing and Pushing Changes

Once you are happy with your changes, you can commit them to the repository:

git commit -am "Comment about changes made."

Committing only affects the local repository on your computer. To push to the changes to Github and publish to the web:

git push

Pull in New Changes

Since others may be working on the documentation and making their own changes, you will need to pull in the most recent changes occasionally. You can do this with:

git pull