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Ping360 Settings

  • Range: adjust the distance from the sonar to scan signals. Smaller ranges will scan faster as the receiver does not have to wait as long to receive a response. Changes to this setting will automatically adjust the transmit duration (advanced setting) for best performance in most applications.
  • Receiver Gain: Adjusts receiver sensitivity, choices are low, medium and high.
  • Sector Angle: Choose full 360 scan, or select a smaller area to scan directly in front of the sonar.
  • Reset Settings: Reset the settings in this panel to their default configuration.

Advanced Settings

Click the arrow on the Device Settings menu to access these advanced settings

  • Transmit Duration: Control the acoustic frequency.
  • Transmit Frequency: Changes the frequency of the emitted pulse. Helps to adjust properties based in the signal's frequency.
  • Speed if Sound: The speed of sound to be used for distance calculations. This should be 1500 m/s in salt water, 1450 m/s in fresh water. (it's not possible to use Ping360 in air!)
  • Angular Resolution: Changes the step between each sample. Enables scanning a sector faster at the expense of a lower angular resolution.