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Logging and User Files

User Files

This section describes the user-accessible files used by the Ping Viewer application.

All files are timestamped with the format YMD-hmsl, where Year(Y), Month(M), Day(D), Hour(h), Minute(m), second(s) and milisecond(l).

Folder Structure

Ping Viewer will create a folder called PingViewer in your user documents folder:

TODO use full path

  • Windows: ~/My Documents/PingViewer
  • Mac: ~/Documents/PingViewer
  • Linux: ~/Documents/PingViewer

The Ping Viewer application uses these folders inside of the PingViewer folder:

GUI Logs

The GUI log files (.txt) contain debug log output from the Ping Viewer application process. All log categories are captured in these logs.

Sensor Logs

The sensor log files (.bin) contain all of the raw binary communications received from the device. These binary communications are in Ping Protocol format. The logs can be replayed by Ping Viewer application.


Screenshots (.png) are stored in this folder.

Waterfall Gradients

Custom gradients (.txt) should be placed in this folder.